Fungi of Serbia and Western Balkans

AUTHOR - Branislav Uzelac
PHOTOGRAPHS - Goran Milošević

FOREWORD - kindly written by dr Anne Pringle,

Review of the book by Prof. David L Hawksworth in the Mycotaxon vol. 110 (pages 6 and 7)

Review of the book by Prof. Leif Ryvarden in the Inoculum vol. 64(3), Newsletter of the Mycological Society of America (page 14).

Following people and organisations have financially contributed to the costs of printing the book:

Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (Republic of Serbia)
New Phytologist Trust (UK)
Roger Phillips (UK)
Fund for Environment Protection (Republic of Serbia)
Institute of lowland forestry and environment (Republic of Serbia)

Our Association is without regular funding. By purchasing the book, you are helping our future mycological research. Following people and organisations have helped us and they have copies of the book:
Alain Gerault (France)
Andy Taylor (UK)
Anne Pringle (USA)
Colin Tudge (UK)
David Hawksworth (UK)
Dominique Schott (France)
Ian Alexander (UK)
Jacques Guinberteau (France)
Liu Peigui (China)
Miguel À. Pérez-De-Gregorio (Spain)
Roberto Fernández Sasia (Spain)
Tomáš Papoušek (Czech Republic)

British Mycological Society (UK)
Moravian Museum, Brno (Czech Republic)
Harvard Botany Libraries, Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA)
NAGREF - Forest Research Institute, Thessaloniki (Greece)
National Museum, Bratislava (Slovakia) - 2 copies
National Museum, Prague (Czech Republic)
New Phytologist Trust (UK)
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (UK)
Swedish Species Information Centre, Uppsala (Sweden)
University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki (Japan) - 2 copies

Mycologia non habet inimicum nisi ignorantem
(Alain Gerault)