Fungi of Serbia and Western Balkans

The author of the book is Branislav Uzelac, while photographs are by Goran Milošević.

During last 6 years Branislav with his team from the Association worked on the project Fungi of Serbia and Western Balkans. The project was self funded and it delivered the book.

All major macromycetes found in Serbia and the Western Balkans are represented in the book. There are over 1500 species, varieties and forms described in the book, out of which over 1200 are illustrated with a photograph.

The definition and classification of the Fungi kingdom is based on the latest findings from the Tree of Life and Fungal Tree of Life.

In the book over 20 species of hypogeous fungi are represented. Many rare species are in the book with their photographs and description, e.g. Agaricus decoratus, Amanita velosa, Rickenella mellea. Several species discovered in the last few years are represented, e.g. Xerocomus bubalinus, Xerocomus persicolor.

The description of each species comes with following basic information:

* morphology (basic facts about the dimensions, shape, colour and consistency of the fruiting body),
* microscopy (shape and dimensions of spores, the colour of spores en masse, cystids etc.),
* context (the colour of flesh and its change of colour, smell and taste),
* chemical reactions (if important for identification),
* edibility (edible, not edible, poisonous, deadly poisonous) and
* habitat, similar species, frequency etc.

A scientific collaboration with mycologists from different countries was established while working on the book. Following people have helped the author and supported him:

dr Anne Pringle,
dr Alain Gerault,
late prof. dr Vladimir Lazarev,
dr Andy Taylor

The book was reviewed by:

prof. dr Milan Matavulj,
prof. dr Branislav Ranković

The price of the book is 70 euros + shipping. For all enquiries please contact the publisher.