Research on mushrooms of National Park Tara

We conducted a three year research study (from 2000 till 2003) of biodiversity of mushrooms in National Park Tara. We produced a report on how we could increase the extent to which this national treasure is valued.
As an example, in May 2004 we planted several native species of mushrooms on trunks which were the result of sanitary logging. During the following autumn we have found the first crops!
We still regularly visit Tara and update our results of the research.

Research on mushrooms of Obrenovac

The project is the result of cooperation with Eco-fund of Obrenovac.
The deliverables are
- a list of species from the area around Obrenovac
- an analysis of pollution using the concentration of toxic materials in several species of fungi

Database and electronic distribution maps of Serbian fungi

Our objectives are
-to produce a database of the distribution of Serbian fungi
-to allocate latitude and longitude information to as many as possible of the records of Serbian fungi in the database
-to produce distribution maps of different fungi of Serbia

At the moment, the project is in its early inception phase and we are looking for collaborators.