Branislav Uzelac

Graduated at the University of Belgrade.
Author of 25 episodes of TV series "Priče iz prirode" (eng. "Stories from Nature")
Author of many articles in popular and scientfic journals
Co-author and editor of the book "Carstvo gljiva" (eng. "Kingdom of Fungi") published by Gradjevinska knjiga, 1998, ISBN 86-395-0353-2.
Main author of the book "Jestive gljive i lišajevi" (eng. "Edible fungi and lichens") published by the Institute for environment protection (Republic of Serbia), 2006, ISBN 86-80877-23-9.
Founder and president of the Mycologist's Association of Serbia.

Member of the Management Board of the Research Centre for Cheminformatics.
Managed following projects:
Fungi of the national park Tara
Fungi of Obrenovac
Fungi of Belgrade - biodiversity and ecological impact

Last 6 years travelled throughout the Western Balkans managing the project Fungi of Serbia and the Western Balkans and writing the book.